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It started with needing a new home for our Food Cooperative.

The Pandemic created dozens of new customers who were interested in healthy, fresh food-and safely delivered.

We met the owner of the building at Fresh Collective, and she quickly signed on to allow us to use her vacant commercial kitchen.

                   Alison & Erin fell in love with the space, the Coolidge Corridor, & Berkley.

We decided to make it our home.

We surveyed the area and realized coffee, snacks, healthy breakfast & lunch options were in need, and with our ever changing Pandemic requirements, we opted to give ourselves the motto of "PIVOT" & to make our Collective flexible for the changes our current world brings. 

We are many things.                            

We are FRESH. We are a COLLECTIVE. We are a KITCHEN. We are a MARKET.

Join us in our Pivoting Adventure! Incubator Kitchen-Private Kitchen Parties-Fresh Food Market-Consignment

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